1. Plácida Leopoldina Ventura Amorim da Costa Santos
  2. Ana Carolina Simionato
  3. Fernando de Assis Rodrigues
  4. Cely Martins Alencar
  5. Jaider Andrade Ferreira
  6. Renata Eleuterio da Silva
  7. Ricardo César Gonçalves Sant’Ana
  8. Rachel Cristina Vesu Alves
  9. Cecílio Merlotti Rodas
  10. Luciana Maria Vieira Pöttker
  11. Rita de Cássia Cassiano Lopes


The Information and Communication Technologies are more and present-day in scientific production, which is due to technological progress and intensive use of available technologies.

The goal is provide the scientific community with a mapping of the term technology and its derivations in journals of Information Science (IS), indexed in Web of Science (WOS), classified for WebQualis 2013 and available on Portal of Journals CAPES.

The study arose from need to identify how the term technology and its variations used in media, in context of scientific studies and research for Information Science. Having motivation the scope of GT8 – Information and Technology of Association National Research in Information Science (ANCIB) and necessary to categorize your approach in scientific communication.

The methodological procedures is constituted to identify articles that contained the word technology, the selection of excerpts from articles in include the word was located and from that selection categorize use from term and thus map of conceptual profile to term technology in Information Science.

For thus, results in categories studied of term: theory, development, use, evaluation, policy and ethics; noting that use of category housed the largest number of articles published in IS during period.

Keywords: Technology. Information Science. Information and Technology.

Full paper available* at

* Only in Brazilian Portuguese.

  1. XIV National Meeting of Information Science Researches
  2. Research Gate


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